Planning Documents

 MAC’s area of Interest and Planning Assistance

Most of the planning in the Mazama area is based on the direction in the Upper Methow Valley Comprehensive Plan for sub unit A.  This plan is now called the Methow Valley More Completely Planned Area Sub- Unit A.  This plan is also know locally as the ‘Mazama Plan’. It was put together by the residents of the upper Methow Valley in 2000. In the spring of 08 the Mazama Advisory Committee held a public meeting to ‘check in’ with the community regarding the plan and any needed updates.

In 2013 the Mazama Advisory Committee worked with Okanogan County on making sure that all points in our existing ‘Mazama Plan’ are compatable with the revised  Okanogan County Comprehensive Plan.  The ‘Mazama Plan’ (or the Methow Valley More Completely Planned Area Sub- Unit A.) is included in the Okanogan County Comprejensive Plan

To view the county comprehensisive plans directly from the county web site click here . Also on the county web site you can find earlier versions of the sub unit A plan and the older Methow Valley plans. (Carlton to WAinthrop)

In addition to the planning documents above, the Mazama Advisory Committee helpted facilitate a master plan process for the owners of property in the Mazama core. Details of this core area planning effort are found under the “archives”  header or click on this title page.

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