Welcome to The Mazama Advisory Committee site

Thanks for checking in to the Mazama Advisory Committee (MAC) and our Community Website. With the recent growth in our area, the importance of long range planning is emphasized.  Here you’ll find information about MAC, its composition, its function for the local community, and the activities we’re engaged in throughout the upper Methow Valley.  There are many items of interest posted or linked to this site.  Please bookmark this page and enjoy the site.


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Mazama Core Area Planning

A lot has happened in this immediate Mazama Core area in the last few years.  To learn all about it, visit this web site.


The web site provides the history of this planning effort, specific project proposals, and ways that you can ge involved.  You can also click the Planning and  the Archives sections in the black menu above.

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Please let MAC know comments and concerns.

Mazama Corral Trailhead design 6 5 15

Click on our Facebbook page to see the latest entry planning.

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Letter to Planning Commission on Shoreline

The MAC concerns relate to 1) making the document usable and understanable for the average citizen and 2) the importance of items that will aid in final approval by the Dept of Ecology.

Click Planning Commission letter 3-9-15  to view the letter presented to the Planning Commission by Midge and Heidi.

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1-14-2015 meeting notes

Topics of discussion included the Mazama Center Project and its final review process with the county, general County Relations, producing a Mission Statement, and web site updates.  Click 1- 14- 15 MAZAMA ADVISORY COMMITTEE mtg notes to view entire meeting minutes.

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Meeting Notes November 11, 2014

Discusion topics were 1.) our role with the new County Hearing Officier 2.) meeting with commissioneers, 3.) need for new MAC members and criteria,  meeting dates for the year, web/blog topics, community recognitions, and how we can support lower valley planning.  To read entire minutes click  final meeting notes 11-11 14

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MAC letter to owners of Flagg Mtn Hut 2-14-13

MAC letter to owners of Flagg Mtn house (final)

Here is the link to the local effort to move the hut.  MAC is unaffiliated with that effort

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